Sunday, March 20, 2016

We are not the Stones... but had a great time

We had a great time playing a gig at the Fish River Grill last Friday Night.

This followed the tremendously exciting Thursday evening at the American Legion in Fairhope, Alabama wherein a storm brewed outside for a while with thunder and lightening, and then all heck broke loose as we were diving into our last set of the evening.
I have never seen rain come down as hard as it does in the South, and this rain came down even harder.
And sideways.
The windows were behind us as we belted out our tunes, and then lightening struck a power pole outside and flashed into the bar. Like a light show at a Pink Floyd concert, with sparks and flames shooting up in spirals.
Soon blue police lights were flashing, making their way through the rear windows at the bar, and then the door flew open, inundating us with rain.
Finally, we were asked to shorten our last set and get the heck out of there.
I guess that was a good thing. I think we still got paid.

The next night we started at Fish River Grill in Gulf Shores at 5pm.

It was still raining, but not so hard.
We were dry, and played a great three sets.
My band mates are Tim, Holly, Mark and Mike on the drums.

It was a fun time.
One note.
Yes, that is me on bass.  When Tim asked me to join, all that was available was a position for bass. So I jammed a few times, liked it, and then bought a bass guitar.
I kid around that I am the Ringo of the band... since that was the last and only position available for him too.
Not sure I am giving up my day job, but it is a lot of fun.
And at Fish River grill we did get a free meal, which is already one of my favorite places to get a burger in the whole South.
But I do have a gripe. 
They also give free drinks (Alcoholic), and the other members of the band were getting pretty happy. My gripe is, what about us band members who don't drink?
Seems I gave up drinking too soon (at 18 actually). I explain in my memoir The Crusaders.
It is a pretty funny book, and I am told a great read.
Not sure when the next gig is, but the Stones are in no danger of being outplayed anytime soon.

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